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I'm not sure what kind of video is right for us. Can you help?

Definitely. A large part of our service includes client discovery and development. By learning more about you, we can guide you down the right path.

What kind of involvement should I expect?

Every project is different, however your greatest involvement will be during the pre-production phase.

How long will it take to complete the project?

This will be determined during the development phase, but as a starting point expect 8-10 weeks on the low end.

Do you provide marketing services outside of video creation?

We do not. We act as a partner to your existing marketing efforts in order to focus solely on the video marketing aspect.

Do you license your media out?

Yes! We offer licenses so you can utilize our existing library of footage, wether it be with us or on your own. See our contact page.

Have other questions? Reach out to us!


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